I have to say that I have found peace. And it is a choice of sorts. It is within and I have tasted of it and still taste of it. Even right now. But it is an awareness that has to be attended to. There is the entire external experience that just seems to keep changing from right to left, from bad to good etc etc. I long to be "he that DWELLETH in the secret place of the Most High" and out of that dwelling attitude I SHALL ABIDE under the Shadow of the Almighty. Through our prayers and meditations we gain glimmers and glimpses of a dimensional reality of absolute peace that gives us a hope for a lasting Sabbath of rest. An eternal now where there is no returning to deal with the struggles and turmoils of this life. We have truly tasted of an EXPECTATION that is Beyond the Veil. I can get there, the question for me is how to stay in that consciousness that is within and not be drawn back to this body and the distractions and cares of this world. In this body. In this body. In this body. Within this body. Within this body. How? 

I do bear witness to an expansion. That is to say the actual amount of time (whatever that is) that is spent in this presense has increased. Not only has there been an expansion in time but also in quality of experience. Things that used to shake me, either bother me less or not at all. I am better able to behold personal and world situations and maintain that peace.  It's as if just a little bit of honey flavors the entire biscuit. The moments spent in prayer and comtemplation actually allow us to "bring out" treasures of the divine nature of God and share them in our earth experience and with others. This what is meant by "thy Kingdom Come". It means "thy Kingdom Come into visable manifestation". Come from where you might ask? From within you. For the Kingdom (Kings DOMinion) is within YOU! That which is internal is to be "externalized" in you, your family, your community, your country, your world. The Kingdom of God will not come from afar away or because you sit and observe the starry heavens. The Temple of God is IN and WITH Man. Selah,

-Maurice Fields II

He Is Nigh Thee Even In Your Heart and In Your

Last week mom, dad, Cheryl and myself went over to see brother Jimmy Bailes. We had a very sweet, soothing time together. Brother Jim gave us some scriptures from his Amplified Bible, talking about having a relationship with God. Coming to realize God wants to have a relationship with His people. Sometimes we feel that God is so far away but He is not. He is closer than our own breath.  In Exodus 33:11 the bible says,

God talked to Moses face to face, as a man talks to his friend
— Exodus 33:11

It reminded me of a message Harvey Turnage Sr. preached on Sunday about having a friend who has been with him all the days of his life, no matter what he was going through. His best friend never left him. He was always there to talk to. He went before him making his crooked path straight, and stayed by his side as he walked through what he had to face. He was never alone. Jim began to read over in Philippians 3:7 where Paul said,

What ever former things I had that might have been gain to me, I have come to consider it a loss, compared to the possession of the priceless privilege, the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth as supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus, my lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly. For his sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregg’s) in order that I may win (gain) Christ, the anointed one
— Philippians 3:7

What a  relationship. Psalms 37:4 says,

Delight thyself in the lord and he will give you the desire of your heart
— Psalms 37:4

When you truly delight yourself in the Lord, you might find that He was the desire in your heart. All our lives searching for that one thing to bring us joy, happiness and peace. The one our soul yearned for. The scriptures say, 

He is so close to you. He is nigh thee even in your heart and in your mouth, this word of faith we preach
— Romans 10:8

That's pretty close. Jesus told His disciples, "I call you friends." In closing I give you two more scripture from Bro. Jim  about enjoying our relationship with God.  Phillippians 4:4 says, 

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice
— Phillippians 4:4

Psalm 149:2 says,

Let Israel rejoice in their maker, let the children of Zion rejoice in their king
— Psalm 149:2

God bless you all.

-Brother Harvey Turnage Jr.


"I have entered His gates with Thanksgiving in my heart. I have entered His courts with praise. I will say this is the day that the Lord hath made and I will rejoice for He hath made me glad". Sunday dad preached on having Joy. I began to remember mom singing a song "He gives you joy, real joy, wonderful joy. Just let Jesus come into your heart". Then I remembered the scripture,

The Joy of the Lord is my strength
— Neh 8:10b

I was also remembering Paul with all of his sufferings and things he went through, He said, "I count it all joy that I might know Him, the True God". Cheryl was singing a song that said "Your joy, your peace, you give to me". Then the thought came to me that this is a free gift from God. Everything that we search for in the world system to give us some kind of joy, we have to pay for, just to see it come up short of what we expected. There is a place where you can find an endless supply of joy, one that never runs out. It doesn't cost you anything. All you have to do is want it, above all else. You may even find that it's  looking for you.  For what "comes out" from you will not return unto you void. It will accomplish that that it sets out to do. God bless.

-Little Harvey (Harvey Turnage Jr.)

You Are The Temple

Saint Teresa of Avila said,

Christ has no Body on the Earth now but your’s. No hands, no feet, but your’s. Your’s are the eyes, through which Christ looks compassion into this world. Your’s are the feet which Christ walks through this world doing good. Your’s are the hands with which Christ blesses the world with. Your Body is the Temple of the Living God, to be manifested in this world.
— Saint Teresa of Avila

God bless.

-Little Harvey

He Woke Me Up This Morning and Started Me On My Way

I woke up one morning with the realization that I did not wake myself up. The alarm clock didn't awaken me either. I knew it was our Father who awakened me for His purpose. We used to sing this song with the words "He woke me up this morning and started me on my way." I began thinking about some of the words of King David as He said in Psalm 23:2

He maketh me to lye down in green pastures, He restoreth my soul.
— Psalm 23:2

Even where David said in the 5th verse,

He prepareth a table before me in the presents of my enemies
— Psalm 23:5

For it is He who is doing the work in our lives. So often times I think of all that is going on around us, and almost everywhere we go, there has never been a day when there is not a need to spend time in prayer and meditation, for our loved ones and people all around us. When Jesus was 12 years old Mary and Joseph were looking for Him and they found Him in the Temple, ministering with the Elders.  They asked Him,

Did you not know we were searching for you?” He replied, “I must be about my Father’s business.
— Luke 2:49

That realization came to me, but I wish it would have come a lot sooner, maybe it would have saved a lot of heartache.  But I am grateful that it did. I learned that it is only the Love of the Father that can change lives. For we are new creatures in Christ Jesus, who reconciled the world unto Himself. He has reconciled us unto Himself, even when we were not thinking about Him. Even when we were not sold on Him. He was sold on us. He new what he had invested in. We love Him because He first loved us. The Father's business is now our business. Jesus knew His business. He wants us to share in the Family business. As you awaken each morning, remember it is He who has awakened you. Spend some time in prayer or meditation. Give Him thanks for  knowing that it is He that is going to take you through this day that He has awakened you to. For he saith I will perform that that I have called you to do. As I am trying to keep this short and sweet, let us as the Family of God, Lift up in prayer all of the Body of Christ. He doesn't leave anyone out. There has never been a day like this day, this glorious day for the Father's business to be done in and through us. Spend some time with Him. You won't reget it. God bless you.

-Harvey Turnage Jr.

Happy Birthday!!!

We would like wish pastor Harvey Turnage Sr. and our assistant pastor Harvey Turnage Jr. a happy birthday. On February 4th, pastor Turnage celebrated his birthday. Two weeks later, on February 18th assistant pastor "Little" Harvey celebrated his. We love you both and appreciate your service to the Lord, and everything you do for us. Happy Birthday

-Bethel Tabernacle Orlando

For God So Loved

Jesus said,

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you. That you will have love one to another. For by this, all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another
— John 13:34-13:35

Another scripture said,

Beloved let us love one another. For love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knowest God. He who lovest not knowest not God for God is Love.
— 1 John 4:7-4:8

So beloved let us love one another.  John 7:16 Jesus said,

My doctrine is not mine but His that sent me. For if another loves me, he will keep my words and my Father will love him and we will come unto him and make our Abode in him.
— John 7:16-7:17
These words are not mine but the Fathers which sent me.
— John 14:24
If ye keep my commandment ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in His Love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full
— John 15:10-15:11

I hear a pattern forming here. 

For God so loved
— John 3:16

-Brother Harvey Jr.

If I Could Look Through Eyes of Love Like God Does

There is a story from "The Notebook" Cheryl put on the email one day about an old gentleman who's wife had Alzheimer's. Every day he would come to visit her in the home. As she got worse there would be days she would treat him very hatefully and days she wouldn't even know who he was. One day he was asked by an employee of the home, "Why do you continue to come here every day with the way she treats you? Most of the time she doesn't even know who you are."  He looked at the employee and answered, "Because I know who she is." He could see her differently, looking through the eyes of Love. That's what God does. I'm so thankful he sees us differently than we see ourselves. If we could change the way we see things, the things we see would change. God sees the finished product, can we?

-Harvey Turnage Jr.


There is a song that say's, "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, I will sing of the mercies of the Lord."  I was singing that this morning and thoughts of when King David said "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.  I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever."  I can totally say God's mercy re-wrote my life.  His mercy endures forever.  There is no shortage.  It's not bankrupt.  I'ts an endless supply.  It is sufficient for ALL who call upon His name.

-Brother Harvey Turnage Jr.

Pastors Corner

Here at the Pastors corner we have messages from our Pastor Harvey Turnage Sr., his son Assistant Pastor Harvey Turnage Jr, and his granddaughter Assistant Pastor Lisa Parker . It might be a sermon, something the Lord has laid upon their heart, a scripture or two, or if we are all really lucky, Pastor Harvey Turnage Sr. will share one of his many famous stories from the past 70+ years. We hope you enjoy. God bless.