If I Could Look Through Eyes of Love Like God Does

There is a story from "The Notebook" Cheryl put on the email one day about an old gentleman who's wife had Alzheimer's. Every day he would come to visit her in the home. As she got worse there would be days she would treat him very hatefully and days she wouldn't even know who he was. One day he was asked by an employee of the home, "Why do you continue to come here every day with the way she treats you? Most of the time she doesn't even know who you are."  He looked at the employee and answered, "Because I know who she is." He could see her differently, looking through the eyes of Love. That's what God does. I'm so thankful he sees us differently than we see ourselves. If we could change the way we see things, the things we see would change. God sees the finished product, can we?

-Harvey Turnage Jr.