I have to say that I have found peace. And it is a choice of sorts. It is within and I have tasted of it and still taste of it. Even right now. But it is an awareness that has to be attended to. There is the entire external experience that just seems to keep changing from right to left, from bad to good etc etc. I long to be "he that DWELLETH in the secret place of the Most High" and out of that dwelling attitude I SHALL ABIDE under the Shadow of the Almighty. Through our prayers and meditations we gain glimmers and glimpses of a dimensional reality of absolute peace that gives us a hope for a lasting Sabbath of rest. An eternal now where there is no returning to deal with the struggles and turmoils of this life. We have truly tasted of an EXPECTATION that is Beyond the Veil. I can get there, the question for me is how to stay in that consciousness that is within and not be drawn back to this body and the distractions and cares of this world. In this body. In this body. In this body. Within this body. Within this body. How? 

I do bear witness to an expansion. That is to say the actual amount of time (whatever that is) that is spent in this presense has increased. Not only has there been an expansion in time but also in quality of experience. Things that used to shake me, either bother me less or not at all. I am better able to behold personal and world situations and maintain that peace.  It's as if just a little bit of honey flavors the entire biscuit. The moments spent in prayer and comtemplation actually allow us to "bring out" treasures of the divine nature of God and share them in our earth experience and with others. This what is meant by "thy Kingdom Come". It means "thy Kingdom Come into visable manifestation". Come from where you might ask? From within you. For the Kingdom (Kings DOMinion) is within YOU! That which is internal is to be "externalized" in you, your family, your community, your country, your world. The Kingdom of God will not come from afar away or because you sit and observe the starry heavens. The Temple of God is IN and WITH Man. Selah,

-Maurice Fields II