Pastor Harvey Turnage Sr.

In 1964, Harvey Turnage Sr., Pastor of a small church in Mississippi, vowed he was never moving back to Florida. That same year, having firmly put his foot in his mouth, the Lord showed Pastor Turnage he needed to move back to Orlando, Fl, the place he had met his wife, and married her 7 years earlier. Since then, Pastor Turnage has faithfully led the congregation of Bethel Tabernacle. Over the past 50+ years, Pastor Turnage has traveled all across the USA, been on the radio, and ministered the word God has given him, a word of love, acceptance, and redemption. Pastor Turnage never misses an opportunity to let someone know how they are "the finest of the wheat". We here at Bethel Tabernacle are blessed to have Pastor Turnage as a mentor and a patriarch. Pastor Turnage and his family truly are the finest of the wheat.

-Bethel Tabernacle