Good Morning Family

Dear Family it is hard to believe that the year 2015 is coming to a close.  We have had some very amazing services at Bethel these past several weeks.  On Sunday our asst. Pastor Lisa Parker reminded us to praise God no matter what is going on.  When all is good, praise Him.  When nothing seems to be going our way, praise Him.  He deserves our praise because He is God.  None of our circumstances can change that. Also she reminded us of God's amazing Grace.  It is our free gift from God.  There is nothing any of us could do, we could not work hard enough, to earn God's Grace.  It is freely given to us for no other reason than that He Loves us.God's love is unconditional and has no end.  

We were reminded by Janet Klein about singing songs of Praise, Love and Gratitude.  These are the keys to an abundant life.  God deserves our praise as He goes before us making the crooked places straight. We are all so blessed.  

We were so happy to have Bro. Joe Filippone with us on Sunday.  He spoke about how Jesus came to restore that which was lost.  Not  just for us to know who God is but to find out who We are in God. 

David Rispoli also blessed us with a timely word about being thankful for where we are at and for what we have.  We are always looking to the next big thing in our lives instead of stopping and being thankful for what God is doing in our lives right now.  Trusting that we are right where God wants us to be.  

What a beautiful service.  Thank you to all who attended and we welcome anyone who wants to come and take part in our services.  You are so very welcome.  We wish you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year.