God's Love

Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, today is another opportunity for us to show forth the Love of God to everyone we come in contact with. Thank God for His mercy and His grace. WE are here at just such a time as this, together on this journey, being about our Father's business. In the Spiritual realm, there is no separation. We are all One. If you have a need, whatever it may be, go in your prayer closet and have a heart to heart with God. Just let God know that you of yourself can do nothing, but the Father within, He doeth the work. And then just listen for our Father's voice. Feel that peace that passeth all understanding, that only God can give, wash over you. Feel God's Love healing everything about you. Your mind, body, your finances, your family. There's nothing that God can't do.  He's All and in All, and He's everywhere we go. He will never leave us nor forsake us. WE might take our mind off of God, but we are God's Creation. He would not leave His own Sons and Daughters. A mind that is stayed on Him is in perfect peace. Why is that? Because we all came forth out of God where there is an abundance of all you need, no lack. Our Father knows what we have need of before we ever ask. I'm so thankful for God's many blessings. The ones that we see and the one we don't see. Today let us show the Love of God to everyone in our path with a smile, a kind word. God's love never fails and it's never ending. Everywhere we go today, let us look for the Christ. See past the flesh to the very heart of God. Let's praise and lift up God today. We're so blessed and honored to be in the presence of God. I love you all, Have a blessed day.  

-Janet Klein