The Body of Christ in One Mind and One Accord

Good Morning Sonshines-

The religioius walk traditionally was about if we were personally good enough or “our own “ works or righteousness. With the walk that I have been experiencing, I am increasingly aware that it is about the corporate, the entire, not one individual cell but the entire new man. The personal walk is so important and always there, but every ‘ cell’ is affected or influenced by the others, every cell is in communication with others, cells share energy- Its not about one man being right. Its about the entire body harmoniously living in communication with each other -as the whole is GOD. The Christ mind ruling and reigning so that the whole body is full of light. We have heard all week in comments about the political world, a real dissatisfaction with the lack of maturity of I’m right and he’s wrong- Fewer people care who is or was right and are beginning to understand it doesn’t matter- What matters is we can accomplish anything when we are of one purpose, one mind and one accord. I am proof of that – you are proof of that. You aren’t just my brothers and sisters- You and I are one. You have given me energy, health and life. For this reason, it is his righteousness. Jesus showed us this – not about one man. He could make the sacrifice he did as he knew the true sacrifice would have been if he had to abide in this higher consciousness alone as without a body…


I love and appreciate you all more than words!!


Sheila Tellier 12/2012