The Annointing... A Testimony by Sheila Tellier'

Good Morning creators!

How wonderful to be a part of this body. Cheryl, thanks so much for bringing the beauty of yesterdays service back to the forefront of my thinking.  I wish you all could read some of the texts I get that are life to me. God is greater .. No matter what you’re going through, God is greater. No matter how big the mountain, God is greater.  No matter, God is greater. 


I got an infusion yesterday and yes its always on time because the body is sustenance.. to me.. to each other... Christ flowing through our veins bringing the breath of life to each part. As oxygen is delivered by the bloodstream to the natural body.. Through Christ, the annointing, is delivered to this spiritual body.. Though it all begins in the spirit.. It is eventually realized in what is seen..” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you”


It might seem good to never have to walk through any trials; however, as I think Benji said yesterday.. it’s really beautiful when God reveals himself to you through these trials..


God is greater!!


I love you guys and thanks for every word, every prayer, and every hug!




 This was written by Sheila Tellier in November 2012